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Protecting Your Assets


There are many types of Property Owners Insurance, from individual Property Owners to Multi-National Commercial Entities. Most will wish to take out insurance covers to protect their portfolio on the basis of the Building Reinstatement Value, Rents and the associated Liabilities.


For Property Developers and Owners, we can arrange liability cover on derelict land and/or Unoccupied Buildings scheduled for demolition.


Site Insurance for Self Builders is available via Self-Build Zone during the course of the build and Build-Zone Structural Warranties provide cover for up to 12 years once a project has been completed.


For Commercial Property Owners with a portfolio of property, we can arrange cover for financial loss as a result of malicious damage by Tenant and Loss of Rent as a result of an insured peril and can provide advantageous rates with London and regional Insurers.


In respect of Land Owners, we can provide Property Owners Liability on open farmland and pre-development sites. We also have Legal Indemnity policies in support of the purchase or transfer of land.


Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd (BZSS) is our survey division, facilitating all manner of Property Surveys and the issuing of Stage Completion Certificates when required for Lenders. BZSS can also arrange SAP testing, Building Control and Technical Audits in respect of Warranty requirements.

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