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We provide Private Motor and Fleet Insurance for a wide range of needs – from the family car to exotic vehicles and collectors' cars both modern and vintage, company car and van fleets, family fleets, through to self-drive hire, courtesy cars, minibus/coach fleets, heavy goods, luxury vehicles and credit hire fleets.


Having Motor Insurance is a legal requirement and when it comes to company owned vehicles fleet insurance is essential for any business which operates at least two company vehicles which may be cars, vans or lorries. Affordable cover can be tailored exactly to the size of fleet and to any mix of vehicles or usage.


The solution we provide is bespoke to your needs as we tailor the policy to fit your specific requirements.




whatever your motor insurance needs are, it is not always a matter of simply having a 'standard' Motor Insurance policy.


Our clients benefit from a wealth of experience which not only covers the arranging of insurance products and services but extends into all aspects of Vehicle Risk Management; offering you a significantly wider range of options and services than that provided by other insurance brokers. Sennocke pioneered Vehicle Immobilization and Telematics in the mid 1990's and are able to advise on appropriate systems and advantages there of. 


Where necessary, we can also advise on related matters such as risk improvements which may include Driver Training, Vehicle Geofencing or Tracking, to limit risk exposure and reduce claims costs. In the long term we believe this helps our clients have better control of their insurance costs.

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