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Business is Risky Enough!

If you are in business you will, of course, need insurance. Without insurance not only your income stream is at risk but neither will your Bank give you any loan facility without it.


When you are running on tight budgets any unexpected loss could cause financial hardship for you and your Staff - and destroy years of hard work in an instant. Quite apart from this you have a legal responsibility to carry some types of insurance.


There are critical areas where you need to carefully consider the insurance requirements of your business.


  • Insurances that protect against Loss or Damage caused to your Property whether it be Buildings, Plant and Machinery, Stock etc., and Loss of Trade or Profits due to adverse events such as Fire, Flood etc.


  • Insurances that cover your Legal Liabilities both in terms of liability to your Employees (Employers Liability which is compulsory by law)  and also in the event of some aspect of your business or a member of your staff  causing damage or harm to a third party or their property (Public Liability).


  • Insurances that protect both You and Your Employees against the consequences of serious Illness, Injury or Death, and the effects that these events could have on your employees, families quite apart from your business.


This Commercial Unit is also responsible for arranging suitable cover for all types of Tradesman Insurance

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