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Legal Expenses.


Covering the Legal Costs...

Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) can be taken out privately by individuals or on behalf of a business as a corporate policy.


The cost of taking legal action can be prohibitive. Legal Expenses cover can provide both free advice in the first instance using specialist Legal Helpline and potentially cover the costs of action.


LEI is usually sold as an add-on to your Business policy, Vehicle or Home Insurance. Normally there is an Annual Limit to how much can be claimed under the policy – usually £50,000 or £100,000 for Home Insurance.


LEI often comes with access to a number of specialist Legal Advice teams as part of the package and accessed free of charge, including dispute advisors and tax information for businesses.




LEI typically covers events that arise from the use or ownership of an insured vehicle. This may include taking action against a third party for negligence, or defending accusations made against you by a third party.




LEI is generally broader ranging and typically covers legal proceedings relating to the insured’s Home, Employment, Death or Personal Injury, as well as cases where you have entered into a contract for the Sale and Supply of Goods and Services.




LEI is wider still and offers comprehensive legal assistance for a business, including Tax and HR support, Contract Disputes, Criminal Prosecution and Debt Recovery.

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