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Professional Indemnity.


Insurance Cover for Professionals and Consultants.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?


Profesisonal Indmenity Insurance protects a Professional, Consultant and/or their business in the event of a claim being made against them as a result of professional negligence, non-performance, breach of duty of care or error or omission. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) is often confused with Public Liability (PL) BUT they are very different.


'Most of the time your reputation is only as good as your last job.' Whilst you will always try to ensure the best possible service or advice is given, unfortunately you can’t always be right all of the time.


The last thing you want is for a customer to feel that you have not acted in their best interest by perhaps not giving the correct advice and taking action against you, as this can be destructive in terms of reputation and extremely costly as well as affecting your ability to trade. Regardless of result, the lost time and legal costs involved in defending a claim can be financially crippling.


If you are accused of negligence, your Insurers will step in, protecting you and your business whilst potentially paying any claims succeed against you together with any legal costs incurred.


Who needs Professional Indemnity?


Professionals and Consultants need protection against liabilities that clients or third parties may feel they are owed a duty of care together with any legal fees that maybe involved in defending actions against them particularly in the litigious society in which we live.


If your business sells a Service, Advice, Design, Specification or Supervision, you have a responsibility and a Duty of Care to your clients and third parties, through the Services and Expertise you provide.


Having PI Insurance provides your business and your customers with an additional level of comfort.

In addition to the traditional 'professions', other examples include:

• Marketing & Advertising Consultants

• Management Consultants

• Project Managers

• Interior Designers

• Estate Agents & Surveyors

• Web Designers

• IT/Software Consultants

• Life Coaches and Mentors

• Engineers

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