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Premium Financing.


Premium Financing.


We appreciate that sometimes premiums can be a drain on resources which is why…


We recognise the reality that funding a large premium might be difficult for some individuals or companies to afford as a one off payment.


To ensure that all our clients can afford to take out cover that meets all their insurance needs and does not overstress their cash flow, Sennocke have secured highly competitive Premium Financing with the broadest range of flexible payment options.


Ultimately the principal purpose of Premium Finance is to smooth clients' cash flow through the payment of premium by regular instalments. We can provide premium finance in various currencies and exclusively to our own clients and at very competitive rates.


Payment Portal.


For those who like to use the latest technology we can provide you with your own 'Portal' for payments to put you in total control of your premium payment or payments for multiple policies.  This is particularly useful for Self-Builders and the service comes in most cases with no additional charge. Minimum levels of loan may apply in certain circumstances.


The providers we use are all A-rated ‘blue chip’ Finance Companies based and regulated in the UK so you can be assured your finances are secure and protected.


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