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Personal Accident & Travel.


Personal Accident and Travel Cover...

Personal Accident and Travel cover is designed to provide Assistance and financial reimbursement for things such as cancellation and medical expenses etc.  


With Personal Accident cover, you will receive a cash benefit if you have an accident or suffer a serious injury during the policy term. The cover also helps to ensure your family and/or business are provided for if you have a fatal accident. Personal Accident insurance usually can cover most places in the world (T&Cs apply) and medicals aren’t normally required before you take out the cover however completion of a medical questionnaire maybe required.


Some insurers will allow you to select different levels of cover. 


Of course Personal Accident insurance does not cover you for everything and examples of typical exclusions include:


• If your injuries are a result of sickness or disease

• If you deliberately or recklessly expose yourself to danger

• If your injuries are sustained while you’re under the influence of alcohol or certain drugs

• If your injuries are self-inflicted or if you attempt to commit suicide

• If your injuries are sustained while you’re committing or attempting to commit a crime

• Stress fractures, sprains and strains


Don't ignore the small print. This will spell out what's covered and what's not covered. It's normally included in a Key Facts or Key Features document, and you should compare various policies' features to determine which one is best for your requirements.


Personal Accident cover can also be offered as part of a commercial insurance package, providing fixed Benefits for an employee during working hours or for key personnel. This can be extended.


As well as Individual or Family Travel insurance found in the ‘Just For You’ section, we also offer Business Travel which can be sold separately or as part of a commercial insurance package.

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