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Insurance Cover for Construction

Individual builds are one of the many areas in which specialist covers and advice can make or break a project. Many individuals start a project without knowing what coverage they require and quite often it is not until their Lender asks for proof of insurnace that they seek advice...


As a Contractor, Sub-Contractor or Tradesman you will know how important it is to not only secure new business but also appreciate how important it is to make sure you protect yourself, your business and the project itself. To achieve this you need to give consideration to the following:

       • Public & Product Liability - Your responsibility to third parties and thrid party property for your actions.

       • Employers’ Liability - Your legal obligation to your employees.

       • Contract Works - the actual detail physical works involved in the project.

       • Hired-in and Owned Plant

       • Property – Your Premises, Stock, Machinery, Plant and Equipment.

       • Professional Indemnity - If you charge a fee for your Professional Advice during or to do with a


       • Directors’ & Officers’ Indemnity - Your Personal Liabilities as a Director or Officer of a company.

       • Vehicles - Private Cars or Commercial Vehicles.

Builders and Developers.

Whether you are a small or large builder or developer we are able review your requirements and provide advice...

Latent Defects Insurance and Warranties.

Sennocke has its own unique Trademarked 10 Year Structural Warranty Policy. This provides cover for your completed project in respect of major damage caused by defects in design, workmanship and materials...

Property Renovation- Cover for Renovation and New Build Projects to Sell or Rent.

Our Construction Insurance can provide cover for small to medium developments with a Professional Reinstatement Cost up to £1.5 million as well as being suitable for Renovation and Extension projects on Existing Properties...

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