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Classic Cars.

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Classic Car Insurance ...

Have you finally got the Car of your dreams or are you just someone with an appreciation for classic cars? Sennocke are here to reassure Classic Car owners, offering peace of mind through effective, tailored insurance to ensure your Classic Car is around for as long as you are...



What we cover...




- Free Accident/Breakdown Recovery

- Competitive Premiums

- Free Foreign use (max. 30 days)

- High Value Vehicles and Collectors Cars catered for

- Choice of Limited Mileage or Storage policies (ADF&T) for

  Collectors Cars



To qualify as a Classic Car, generally your vehicle must have been first registered in or before 1984 but this is flexible according to the type of car. This excludes utility vehicles such as Land Rovers etc. The vehicle must also be kept in secure premises. There are many other vehicles that can be classed as "classics" so please contact us and ask.


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